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Collaborating for Prevention: A CPDC Safety Initiative

Perceptions-of-Public-ImageWith more than 2,700 affordable apartment homes and over 5,000 residents throughout Washington D.C., CPDC has long worked to implement programs that improve quality of life for individuals and families.

We know that our properties—and the outlook for residents—are only as good as the surrounding communities.  To that end, as CPDC works more as a community developer, it is our goal to impact not just those living within the confines of our properties but to foster growth, economic investment, and opportunity in entire neighborhoods.

Safety, crime prevention, and positive resident-police relationships are integral to the evolution and long-term success of our communities.  Yet upholding these critical pillars has historically been a challenge in many areas of Washington D.C.

It is CPDC’s belief that to ensure communities have the potential to grow, thrive and offer resources to residents, improving safety and resident-police relationships is imperative.  This shift begins with breaking down long-engrained misconceptions, fostering an open dialogue focused on solutions, and rebuilding trust.

Collaborating for Prevention is a two-year, city-wide safety initiative designed to revive CPDC communities and surrounding neighborhoods by engaging and connecting youth and adult residents and law enforcement.  The goal: improving safety throughout the District, especially in D.C.’s disproportionately crime-plagued Ward 8 community.

The first phase of Collaborating for Prevention features neighborhood street festivals, public dialogues, and a Public Safety Survey intended to take the pulse of D.C. residents on attitudes and perceptions on police relations and safety.  The results of that survey can be found in the “Perceptions of Public Safety: Report on the 2015 DC Public Safety Survey.

Download Full Report: Perceptions of Public Safety (PDF) Download Executive Summary: Perceptions of Public Safety (PDF)

The second phase of the initiative will focus on actionable solutions to tackle challenges and barriers associated with crime prevention in our communities, informed by survey findings.

Through this initiative and ongoing community transformation efforts, it is our hope that D.C. residents will join the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department, community leaders, and other key stakeholders, to shift perceptions, encourage investment and build communities that flourish.

Target Area:

urlCollaborating for Crime Prevention targets the Congress Heights and Washington Highlands neighborhoods in Ward 8 of Washington, D.C. For data purposes, these neighborhoods closely overlap with D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) Police Service Areas (PSAs) 704, 705, 706, and 707.