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We Build Communities that Succeed and Endure

CPDC’s singular mission is to develop vibrant communities through innovation and partnership. Through our combination with Enterprise Community Partners, we  have continued to grow our ability to tackle tough deals that many would find impossible – from adapting abandoned schools for reuse to preserving historical buildings that have become symbols of urban blight.

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High-quality Real Estate Development

Innovation drives CPDC to stay ahead of the curve. We are constantly learning and exploring novel approaches to development financing, green renovations, resident services, and program evaluation. Along with our proven ability to form successful partnerships, innovation has contributed to CPDC becoming a nationally-recognized leader in affordable housing.

CPDC specializes in:

  • Managing complex redevelopments of vibrant mixed-income communities
  • Resident relocation during renovation
  • Historic preservation
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Sustainable design
  • Successful partnerships with residents and other stakeholders

Our award-wining affordable housing preservation projects in the Mid-Atlantic region are known for their high-quality design, sophisticated financing, efficient property operations, and robust Community Impact Strategies programs.

Efficient Property Operations

At CPDC, one of our key priorities is to enhance the fiscal and physical health of the communities we develop. Our asset management team works closely with expert third-party property managers and dedicated resident services staff to ensure the communities we build together continue to grow and thrive.

From incorporating energy-efficient features (e.g., solar panels, Energy Star appliances) to encouraging behaviors to support the environment (e.g., recycling, sustainable landscaping), we manage our properties with long-term preservation in mind. This level of ongoing commitment promotes a sense of community with our residents and inspires them to help us create ideal places to live.

Keep up to date with the exciting developments from our Asset Management teams at our newly merged blog with Enterprise.

Community Impact Strategies

CPDC and Enterprise have created a model of community development done right. We provide both high-quality, affordable housing and help more than 9,000 residents grow and thrive by offering critical resources where they live or serving as a catalyst for securing the assets a community needs.

CPDC programs are rooted in a time-tested, data-supported model of working alongside residents to help positively impact people’s lives. We engage a variety of stakeholders – including: resident and non-resident volunteers, non-profit and private sector partners, local and federal government agencies.

Likewise, our CPDC site staff provides comprehensive services to help support residents in a variety of ways, including addressing critical areas such as food security, youth and adult education, healthy living, financial literacy, and employment stability.

Learn more about the amazing changes happening with our CIS teams at our new website.