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Welcome to Our Journey!

What We Believe

From our founding in 1989 by Eugene Ford through present day, we believe safe and decent housing will always be critically needed. No matter an individual’s background and socioeconomic status, we support affordable housing for all. We are committed to developing vibrant communities through innovation and partnership. That is our commitment and our mission.

Our Core Convictions

  1. Preserving Affordability: Reduce the impact of market pressures and improve sustainability to ensure affordable housing remains affordable;
  2. Developing Communities: Intercede in distressed communities that are plagued by deteriorated conditions and criminal activity and transform them into safe, vibrant, and sustainable places to live; and
  3. Engaging Residents: Support residents with a range of programs that enable them to play an active role in their community, providing them with opportunities to thrive in the economic mainstream, develop a sense of community ownership, and improve the quality of their lives.


Combining Forces with Enterprise Community Partners

In January 2018, we announced the exciting combination of Enterprise Community Investment and CPDC.

The ultimate result of the combination with Enterprise has been a greater opportunity for low-income families, thanks to the continued affordability of 12,000 homes in the Mid-Atlantic, and the provision of services that are even more responsive to the needs of residents.

Our collaboration continues to grow and the residents, staff, and volunteers at CPDC are thriving. You can follow our success stories on our combined blog with Enterprise and learn more about their story here.

What Makes CPDC & Enterprise Special

Our residents have established tenant associations, organized voter registration, improved their school performance, achieved their GEDs and higher degrees, updated their office skills, improved their employability, established electronic villages, and created safer, more secure neighborhoods. We are committed to creating a home for our residents, not just a place to live. Our staff and partners work tirelessly to create communities that support our residents every day.

With over 25 communities and more than 4,500 units later, CPDC has established an unparalleled reputation for revitalizing communities across the mid-Atlantic region.

To learn more about CPDC today, click on these links to explore our resident services, communities, partners, and leadership.

A Tribute to Founder Eugene Ford

On the celebration of our 25th Anniversary, friends, family, staff, and colleagues came together to honor Eugene Ford’s devotion to helping communities in the mid-Atlantic grow and thrive. Watch this powerful video to learn more about this great man, whose vision continues to shape the goals and mission of CPDC today.