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Community Impact Strategies

CPDC is a model of community development done right. We provide both high-quality, affordable housing and help over 9,000 residents grow and thrive by offering critical resources where they live or serving as a catalyst for securing the assets a community needs.

We have transformed areas of urban blight into vibrant communities that residents and families are proud to call home.

Our holistic approach to community development is based on decades of experience working on the ground directly with residents. We support residents so they can more easily provide for their families and get skills and knowledge they need to be successful and live healthier lives.

CPDC’s programs are rooted in a time-tested model of serving residents with the potential to significantly impact people’s lives. As a result of our strategic resident engagement, CPDC residents are doing better in school; learning new job skills and finding stable employment; developing financial literacy and growing their savings; and developing new healthy eating and exercise habits.

We rely on residents to help solve problems in their communities. Through our CIS program, CPDC provides the space and resources—then we step back and let residents drive the solutions to fix community problems. This approach not only improves the lives of our residents, but it’s making an impact outside our lot lines.

Our CIS model is built upon five areas that serve as the basis for all initiatives:

The model is built upon five areas of sustainable community development:

  1. Economic Development: providing access to job placement and training, financial literacy workshops, transportation, and technology access.
  2. Education: focusing on early school readiness, youth development, parent engagement, and adult literacy.
  3. Environment: promoting energy efficiency, recycling, and water conservation.
  4. Health and Wellness: encouraging health education and awareness, providing nutrition and fitness classes, supporting access to social and human services.
  5. Resident Engagement: supporting civic involvement, volunteerism, neighborhood leadership, community participation, and cultural exchange.

CPDC collaborates with residents of each community, private sector institutions, other non-profit organizations, and local and federal government agencies to create strategic alliances. These alliances result in programs that provide residents and those in the immediately surrounding communities with the resources and tools they need to bring about dynamic change at both the personal and community level.

CPDC is committed to the long-term success of residents, our partners, and our communities.

CPDC and communities together. Growing and thriving.