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Our Future

Tribute #23 – Our Leadership: Advancing our New Strategic Plan 

CPDC has assembled a talented and dedicated team of leaders to advance our 2014 – 2018 strategic plan.  With years of experience in banking, real estate development, finance, marketing, community development, and human resources; collectively, the team will guide the organization in achieving the goals associated with our four strategic plan initiatives.

CPDC’s senior leadership team includes:

J. Michael Pitchford, President and CEO
Luann Tia Blount, Director, Marketing and Communications
Lorraine Gordon, Vice President, People and Culture
Christopher LoPiano, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development
Pamela M. Lyons, Senior Vice President, Resident Services
Harry W. Thompson, Chief Financial Officer

With J. Michael Pitchford at the helm; each senior leader will be responsible for one or more strategic plan initiative(s) and their associated goal(s) outlined below.

Initiative #1:  Real Estate Development

Christopher LoPiano is responsible for guiding the organization’s efforts in developing multi-family properties and commercial facilities which help create viable mixed-income and mixed-use communities.

    • Goal 1:  Develop vibrant, economically diverse communities.
    • Goal 2:  Provide commercial space for needed services.
    • Goal 3:  Increase the stock of affordable housing.

Initiative #2:  Community Development

LEADERS:  Christopher LoPiano and Pamela Lyons – with support from the entire senior team—will spearhead organizational efforts to respond to community development opportunities that sustainably support investment in the residents and broader communities.  These efforts include increasing local community financial support (public and charitable) and addressing issues such as access to services (e.g., food, child and health care, education, jobs, etc.) that extend beyond providing resident services.

    • Goal 4:  Build community development capacity internally.
    • Goal 5:  Establish and implement community development strategies in key CPDC communities.

Initiative #3:  Community Engagement and Resident Services

Pamela Lyons leads CPDC’s community engagement and resident services initiative which involves connecting residents to each other and to broader communities.  She is also responsible for helping to plan for neighborhood change by encouraging resident leadership, ensuring that residents have an active voice with respect to investments made and services available to their communities.

    • Goal 6:  Commit to resident and community participation and ownership of issues that result in an exchange of information and negotiated mutually acceptable benefits and actions.

Initiative #4:  Operations

Lorraine Gordon, Harry Thompson, and Luann Tia Blount will direct the operations component of our strategic plan.  Collectively, the three will build the necessary capacity in order to sustain our growth and deliver on our strategic plan.

    • Goal 7:  Become a more effective organization staffed with a highly talented and mission-driven team.
    • Goal 8:  Ensure that CPDC is a financially strong and sustainable organization.
    • Goal 9:  Invest in the technology infrastructure that contributes to achieving the strategic plan.
    • Goal 10:  Increase public awareness of and support for CPDC’s mission, vision, portfolio, services, and strategic plan.


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