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Khadija_CPDC“Come Hell or High Water: ServiceWorks Kicks Off at Edgewood Commons”

By: Khadija Carr, CPDC ServiceWorks

“The ServiceWorks Situation:” A Haiku
Beacon House flooded
Our only hope had walked out
They came back, success! 


As the clock struck 4:00 p.m., panic consumed my body.

There were 15 minutes before the official start of our first module of ServiceWorks and not a single scholar was present.

Before we knew it, in walked two scholars with whom we had become familiar, and our anxiety lessened. But what would happen next would only further motivate us.

Beacon House, a community-based nonprofit organization offering after-school and summer programs for at-risk youth AND the site of our heaviest recruitment efforts, had SW-Blog-Khadijaflooded and was closed for the day. Ironically, the two girls were heading out the door to get some friends. Acting quickly, I distributed the limited contact numbers we had and we began making calls to remind scholars of our program. Soon, two more scholars came through the door and we were prepared to deliver the best module possible, despite our low numbers.

As we shared our plates, the five of us gathered around one table and the module began. To my surprise, in walked the two young ladies from before and behind them walked eight young men! Our ServiceWorks team shared a collective grin and completed the module with great success, including scholars sharing their suggestions for ways to improve the community and exploring career options!

I went home that night optimistic and ready to plan ahead for module two!

Khadija Carr hails from Silver Spring, Maryland and has called it home for all of her life.  She is a graduate of Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Biology. In college, Khadija was very active in service and leadership as a Community Senate Secretary, Resident Advisor, and Multicultural Leadership Scholar.  In addition, as a Principled Problem Solving Scholar, she gained a keen understanding about the connection between business and crafting social good. As a ServiceWorks AmeriCorps VISTA, she looks forward to leveraging her passion for equity and inclusion to create meaningful ways to engage youth.

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