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CPDC Teen Residents, Volunteers Shine Locally and Nationally

  • Stony Brook 2017 seniors college bound, including Ivy League

  • Youth volunteers receive a top honor from Fairfax County

  • Youth volunteer receives national honor by Points of Light

Stony Brook Resident Accepted into Every Ivy League College and University 

Mt. Vernon High School senior and resident of CPDC’s Alexandria, VA Stony Brook community Yosaph Boku has been engaged in CPDC’s CIS programs including being a consistent volunteer, peer mentor, developer of an adult ESL computer course and being recognized as a a President’s Volunteer Service Award winner. 

In addition, Boku is a highly successful student holding a 4.33 GPA and SAT score in the 1400s. He has achieved all this while being an independent student (he lives with his sister; his parents have lived in Ethiopia since he was 13.)

Boku’s dream is to one day work as a doctor with Doctors Without Borders.

To challenge himself, he applied to all of his “dream” colleges and universities– Ivy Leagues and other prominent schools.

The result: he was accepted with a full-ride, to: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Brown (w/ an acceptance to an 8 year medical school program), University of Chicago, Georgetown, Notre Dame, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, College of William and Mary and George Washington University.

Since he didn’t apply to Cornell, he can’t say that he got into every Ivy, but for all intents and purposes, we’re saying he got into every Ivy!” said CPDC CIS Manager at Stony Brook Ryan Barton. “Yosaph has been flying all over the country the last few weeks visiting schools – on their dime! He visited Stanford, Notre Dame, U. Chicago, and the Ivy Leagues. Late last week, we talked and he let me know he had decided what school he wanted to attend: HARVARD!”

Boku isn’t the only Stony Brook resident college bound. Others include:

  • Nana Gyamfi, who has been a huge asset in volunteering and assisting with programs, is heading to George Mason.
  • Denzel Nyambi, who took a year off after graduating last year and was a long-time after-school program attendee, is heading to VCU.
  • Muhammad Malik (who recently moved but still visits and volunteers frequently) was named Youth Volunteer of the Year for CPDC last year and interned with CPDC the last two summers. He has deferred admission to Virginia Tech for one year to stay home and take care of his ill father. He plans to take core courses at NOVA-CC in the meantime.

Stony Brook Youth Volunteers Win Fairfax County’s Top Honor for Second Year

For the second year in a row, youth volunteers at Stony Brook were named Youth Volunteer Group of the Year by Fairfax County.  

“I am proud of this great group of youth leaders and also of the wonderful work CIS Manager Ryan Barton is doing as a youth service advocate and champion to grow service minded youth that are willing and interested in making a difference in their community,” said Jennifer Fauss, CPDC Director of Volunteer Engagement. “More than volunteers, these youth are leveraging their experience as they move on to the next stage in their lives.”

CPDC Volunteer Eunice Kwarteng Recognized as ‘Daily Point of Light’

Eunice Kwarteng has been a consistent volunteer with CPDC since 2012.

Kwarteng is an active and successful senior at Mount Vernon High School who has had a significant impact on her community, especially on the youth population. In 2014 and 2015, she served as a CPDC volunteer summer intern where she created an original educational summer camp for ages four through twelve.

Recently, Kwarteng was honored with a feature by Points of Lights as their Daily Points of Light Award recipient. The award was started in the 1990s as a way of recognizing individuals that do extraordinary service. 

Read more about Kwarteng here.

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