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Celebrating 10-Years of Volunteer Service at CPDC

Across Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, volunteers are a quiet force that make CPDC communities more than just housing, but homes where residents can truly grow and thrive. This year, as we celebrate ten years of the organization’s pioneering Volunteer Engagement model, we’ll share past and present program successes and offer a glimpse into plans for the future.

Imagine a bustling food pantry stocked to the brim with fresh produce in a community landlocked by poor food options where supermarkets are few and far between . . . or far away.

Imagine after school programs and summer camps, abuzz with the sounds of curious chatter and excitement of children . . . and the delight and encouraging words of their mentors.

Imagine health fairs, exercise classes, community events and holiday parties alive with the laughter and exchanges of adults and seniors who count on these services and events for physical, mental and emotional health and wellness.

Each of these vital community services share one thing in common.

All are made possible by volunteers.

Volunteer Engagement at CPDC

At CPDC, we pride ourselves on developing sustainable communities that “grow and thrive.” This is possible due to the support and engagement of our active volunteer base.

It is volunteers who empower our communities—from the Washington, DC metropolitan area, to Baltimore, to Richmond and Hampton Roads, VA—to exist as involved, connected and supportive places to truly call home.

Since inception of our industry-leading volunteer program in 2007, more than 2,000 residents, staff, partners, and community members have donated nearly 175,000 hours of service to address critical needs surrounding health and wellness, education, environment, economy and community engagement.

Last year alone nearly 400 volunteers donated nearly 27,000 hours of service to CPDC’s communities.

2016 saw almost a 30% increase in volunteers engaged compared to 2015, with more individual and group volunteers activated.

Individual Ongoing Volunteers—mostly CPDC residents–contributed the greatest number of service hours compared to other volunteer types and remained active throughout the year.

Also, Group and Event Volunteer activity grew in 2016, with upwards of 80% more volunteers providing 50% more hours compared to 2015.

As we kickoff our 2017 celebration of a decade of volunteerism at CPDC, we will be featuring stories, videos and other content to highlight the evolution and growth of the program which has included the implementation of new and innovative volunteer initiatives including ServiceWorks, Volunteer Leadership Summit and CPDC’s Student Internship Program.

The Volunteer Engagement team is also embarking on building a more comprehensive outreach strategy internally and externally.

We are excited to share our evolution, accomplishments, and stories with you and we look forward to new opportunities to together, grow and thrive in service.

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