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At CPDC, we believe the diversity of leadership in our organization and among our communities’ residents is one of the reasons why we are an award-winning leader in the affordable housing industry.

Since March is Women’s History Month, we want to pause celebrate the women and girls throughout the Mid-Atlantic who reside in our communities and work with our organization who leave a lasting impact.

In celebration of women’s history, we thought we would also highlight some of the legendary women from the District, Maryland and Virginia who inspire us to do and be more every day.

Victorine Q. Adams

Adams was the first black woman to be elected to Baltimore’s City Council. She paved the way for women — particularly women of color — to serve the city. Her tenure featured accomplishments in developing energy models that have been replicated through Maryland and the United States.

Her advocacy work for urban renewal and low-income housing in the city made history in the state, and she continued to develop programs to help communities thrive and stay warm.

Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni is one of our country’s most beloved poets. She rose to prominence in the late 1960s as an activist, and later became a professor of poetry at many colleges and workshops. Today, she serves as a professor at Virginia Tech and inspires others with a lifelong commitment to social justice and civil rights.

Juanita Jackson Mitchell

Mitchell was a civil rights advocate and lawyer from Maryland. After being rejected by the City Bar Association on account of discrimination, she dedicated the rest of her life to combating unlawful discrimination and segregation. She went on to serve in presidential cabinets, as well as combating wrongful incarceration in Maryland’s prisons.

Katie Couric
A native from Arlington, Virginia, Couric is an icon in television journalism known for her interviews and rigorous research. She has served as a co-anchor of NBC’s Today Show, a journalist for The New York Times, host of her own podcast, and is now holds the title of Global Anchor for Yahoo! News.

Maggie Walker
Maggie Walker made history as the first woman bank president in the country (and a black woman, at that) in Richmond, Virginia. Her legacy shows how she overcame trials and tribulations to transform the face of finance.

These are only some of the outstanding women who inspire us to work together to ensure all citizens can grow and thrive. To learn more about women’s contributions to society and the significance of Women’s History Month, we recommend the following resources:

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