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Profile 2: Velle Perkins

From Volunteer to Board Member

A resident of CPDC’s Northwest Washington, DC Wardman Court community, Aluveller “Velle” Perkins is a mother of four who has worked full-time for the past 10 years as a Work Flow Coordinator for Catholic University of America.

She also has been volunteering with CPDC for the past 13 years since first becoming a resident in 2002. Since 2006, she has served more than 245 volunteer hours with CPDC.

Perkins didn’t grow up with much experience volunteering as a child, but was heavily influenced by people who she says “came through for a season and a reason.”

When she and her mother needed help she recalls those individuals being there to lend a helping hand.

“When people give unconditionally like that, it changes your life.”

These experiences ignited a passion in Ms. Perkins, and when she settled with her family in Wardman Court, she found a place to let her light shine.

Volunteering with CPDC has become an enormous part of Perkins’ parenting style, one that she is hoping her boys take with them wherever they go. When her four sons are not in school or in the apartment for quality family time, they are in the main office helping out – from participating in after-school programming to working the food pantry to carrying groceries for their neighbor.

“I want them to know they can make a difference,” said Perkins. “The impact [volunteering] makes on the community is priceless.”

Perkins firmly believes volunteering is a way to bring residents together in collaboration–and to create a community that they want to live, settle and stay in. According to Perkins, volunteering has to come from the heart and it has to be authentic. 

After more than  a decade of hands-on volunteer service within the Wardman Court community, Perkins was nominated to serve on the CPDC Board, where she is currently helping identify long-term goals and implement strategies for lasting change at CPDC.

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