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Stony Brook Students Prepare for College

By Ryan Barton, Stony Brook Resident Services Manager

On November 5, 2013, 16 eager, college-bound high school students from the Stony Brook Apartments community boarded a bus headed to Old Dominion University (ODU) in Norfolk, VA.   The purpose of the trip was to introduce students to the university admissions process, provide them an opportunity to tour the campus, and give them a taste of campus life.  Upon arrival, students sat through an orientation in which they learned more about the Norfolk community and were provided with information on standards for acceptance and the admissions process, basic facts about student life, as well as information on more than 300 clubs and activities offered at the university.

Following the orientation, students enjoyed a campus walking tour.  First up on the tour was a visit to one of the local dormitories in which students had an opportunity to see a typical dorm room.  Next, students checked out the newly renovated athletics center which featured an increasingly popular two-story indoor rock climbing wall.   Also part of the tour was a visit to the science building which offered students an interactive, computerized simulated projection of the Earth’s surface.  The simulator displayed the change in position of continents over time, the effects of large storms on ocean tides, and changes in the Earth’s temperature over time.  Completely energized by their science experiment, students headed to a library tour which included time for them to speak with ODU students about their impressions of and experiences at the university.   Following the library tour, students toured the business and finance building where they saw firsthand a $500,000 investment and stock market program run entirely by ODU students.   The trip culminated with an actual “taste” of ODU during an arranged campus lunch where high school and ODU students sat side-by-side and conversed about campus life.

Back aboard the bus, students immediately began talking about their experiences and how the trip had changed their outlook on college and college life.  Emelia Quaye, a high school senior currently going through the college application process, commented that “after seeing the campus and facilities, including the recreation center, I am strongly considering attending if I’m accepted.”

Sophomore Eunice Kwarteng is just beginning to think about college but walked away completely impressed. “This trip changed my outlook on the kind of college I want to attend,” Kwarteng said.   “It is a large school that feels much smaller and I really liked that.”

Over the past two years, two students participating in Stony Brook’s college preparatory program enrolled at ODU.  Following the tour, several students were strongly considering applying for enrollment.


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