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As we celebrate our 25th anniversarywe will be focusing our blog and social media posts on a different area of our services to the community. Each month, we will highlight a part of CPDC’s mission and what steps we are taking every day to help communities grow and thrive. This month, our focus features will center around our Resident Services partners and staff, volunteers, and program participants.

cpdc-school-readiness-program-from-hippy-empowers-children-at-stony-brook-apartmentsMany working parents who speak English as a second language need assistance to help their children acclimate and thrive in American schools. That is exactly what our partner Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) provides to residents at our Stony Brook community in Alexandria, VA.

The HIPPY programs provide weekly activity packets, personalized home visits, early education storybooks, and much more. Parents receive the tools, skills, and confidence they need to be their children’s first teachers in the home.  To date, six families completed training with growth in those younger residents reported as astounding.

“The HIPPY program is a huge step in parental engagement, most importantly in terms of making sure parents are engaged in their children’s education,” said Ryan Barton, Resident Services Manager. “Parent-teacher organizations have an incredibly difficult time finding parents to serve, especially in low-income areas. Teachers lament that they rarely hear from parents and children spend ten plus hours a day in school and in after-school programs for 180 days every year. Yet many parents don’t know what their children are doing or if they are learning. A program like HIPPY engages parents from the beginning to begin fostering an awareness and enthusiasm for what their children are learning each and every day.”

With the help of HIPPY and all of our Resident Services partners, our communities’ children will continue to meet their educational goals.

To learn more about Fairfax County’s HIPPY program, please visit their website at Fairfax County’s HIPPY Program.

If you would like to take advantage of these services or learn more about how you can help our Resident Services programs at Stony Brook, please contact our Resident Services Manager Ryan Barton at 703-360-6094 or rbarton@cpdc.org.


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