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Island Walk Youth Rock Girls Empowerment Event

Young women from CPDC’s Fairfax County,Virginia Island Walk community attended the ‘She Rocks the World’ Virginia girls summit at George Mason University. The event is dedicated to building tomorrow’s female leaders.

By: Jocelyn Hofstede, CPDC Community Impact Manager


The societal pressures that teenagers face nowadays are monumental and can be perpetuated by constant access to the unabashed world of social media.

This is especially true for girls.

Media expectations of beauty, success, relationships, and everything in between tend to produce goals that cannot, and oftentimes should not, be obtained. It leaves our girls feeling overwhelmed and stressed at a time in their lives when creativity and big dreams should drive the narrative.

This is even truer for girls growing up in the fast-paced, competitive area that is DC.

She Rocks the World (SRTW) is an online platform that seeks to actively combat the messages of inferiority that affect our girls’ self-esteem each day.

Specifically, SRTW’s mission is “to empower teenage girls to use their own voice and then “rock the world” their way!”

On Saturday November 12th, SRTW’s 3rd annual Virginia Girls’ Summit was held at George Mason University.

The Summit caters to 7th-12th grade girls living in the DMV area and boasts exciting breakout sessions, guest speakers, prizes, and more.

This year, several residents of CPDC’s Reston, VA Island Walk community were able to be a part of this exciting event.

The girls participated in inspiring workshops centered on school, relationships, ambitions, and other aspects of their future and  had the opportunity to meet some local and national celebrities including Olympic gold medalist, Maya DiRado, American Idol Finalist, Tristan McIntosh, and lifelong long educator and Michael Phelps’ mom, Debbie Phelps.


They made new friends, connected with other students and are already planning for next year’s event having expressed a desire to be a part of the Summit’s Ambassador Program.

It is safe to say there are several empowered female leaders rising up within CPDC’s Island Walk community. The lesson that they each have a valuable and unique voice that the world needs to hear has resonated. I am excited to see the amazing ways that they will rock the world.



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