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Our Future

Tribute #22 – Our Strategic Plan (2014 – 2018):   Impacting Neighborhoods through Community Development

In early 2014, CPDC embarked upon a strategic planning process that would guide the organization’s work over the next five years.  Building on the success of 2011 – 2013 strategic plan, the roll out of a new community building model, and the continued investment in volunteer engagement; the 2014 – 2018 plan outlines four broad initiatives:  real estate development; community engagement and resident services; community development; and operations.


Initiative #1: Real Estate Development: Developing properties, including new multi-family and commercial facilities, which create viable mixed-income and mixed-use communities that are both innovative and consistent    with CPDC’s mission.

Initiative #2:  Community Development:  Actively responding to community development opportunities that sustainably support investment in the residents and broader communities, to an extent that the result is visible,  measurable, and produces healthy neighborhoods.  This approach includes increasing local community financial support (public and charitable) and addressing issues such as access to services (e.g., food, child  and health care, education, jobs, etc.) that extend beyond providing resident services.

Initiative #3:  Community Engagement and Resident Services:  Being a catalyst for community engagement by connecting residents to each other and to the broader community, and planning for neighborhood change  through resident leadership.  This engagement ensures that residents have an active voice with respect to investments made and services available to their communities.

Initiative #4:  Operations  Continuing work on process improvements and cross team collaboration, and building the necessary capacity in order to sustain our growth and deliver on our strategic plan.

These directions will help CPDC nurture the growth of our real estate pipeline, build on our innovation, broaden partnerships, and elevate our resident engagement efforts.  The greatest shift for CPDC will be expanding our focus on whole communities, looking outside our lot lines to have a greater impact.  CPDC believes that these new directions represent a natural evolution for the organization and offer the best opportunities for continued growth.

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