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CPDC and Communities Together.  Growing and Thriving (2011 – Present)

Tribute #13 – Our Community Building Model: Impacting Communities across Five Areas of Focus 

In 2011, CPDC completed an assessment across each of its communities to determine the effectiveness of its programs and services.  CPDC soon learned that despite its activity, only a few critical offerings were meeting residents’ needs or serving a majority of the resident population.  Using the results of the assessment and taking a close look at the depth and breadth of its programming, CPDC developed a new community building model that focused its programming across five impact areas:  economic development, education, environment, health and wellness, and resident engagement.

Interior-Blog-ImageFor many years CPDC used a direct service delivery model in which its resident services staff directly administered programs (e.g., after school, youth development, and adult education programs) across its communities.  That model yielded many positive outcomes such as graduating hundreds of adult residents and community members from career and skills enhancement program at Edgewood Terrace over the years.  Though the model was considered successful, program sustainability was often jeopardized because funding for each program came from property operations.  If there were sufficient funds to cover these resources, programs could continue; if not, they had to be cut.  The model also created a challenge in terms of providing programs at each CPDC community.  Under the old model, CPDC could only work in communities where property fees would cover program expenses, leaving many communities un- or underserved.

With a desire to serve as many residents as possible, CPDC’s resident services team went back to the drawing board and developed a new community building model that would create a positive impact through aligned social, economic, and environmental efforts.  Its new model was built upon five areas of sustainable community development and now serves as the basis for all resident services programming: economic development, education, environment, health and wellness, and resident engagement.

Coupled with a five area focus, the new model transitioned CPDC away from direct service providership to third-party delivery.  The partnership approach allows CPDC to offer programs across each of the communities where it is able to recruit an effective partner provider, and where there is space to serve the resident population.  Partnering also supports program sustainability by working with organizations that are self-sustaining.  This ensures that programs and services are maintained despite resources available at the property level.

These partnerships are supported by CPDC’s resident services team, residents, and property management as each makes a co-investment to ensure residents get the tools and resources they need to bring about a dynamic change in their personal lives and in the broader community.

“The new community building model causes us to focus and streamline our efforts and partner effectively to deliver high-quality, sustainable programming,” said Pamela Lyons, Senior Vice President of Resident Services.  “The new model also supports our new strategic plan which positions CPDC as a community development.”

CPDC’s new approach to resident services marries resident and community engagement with rich programs and services all designed to help residents and communities grow and thrive.

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