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CPDC and Communities Together.  Growing and Thriving (2011 – Present)

Tribute #21 – Our Brand Position:  Investing in the Future of Communities to Help them Grow and Thrive

At CPDC, our mission is to develop vibrant communities through innovation and partnerships. While CPDC has been advancing this mission for nearly 25 years, the leadership of the organization realized that the entire company needed to recharge and refocus in order to accomplish the goals and challenges ahead.  With support from Capital One, CPDC embarked upon a brand positioning effort designed to galvanize, align, and inspire the organization internally.  The effort also served to help direct future decisions made by the organization.

A brand position is a unique expression of what a company wishes to stand for in the hearts and minds of its stakeholders. Brand positioning defines how a company “behaves” as an organization and what actions it will take in order to leave an intended mark on its stakeholders.

CPDC’s six-month journey to positioning the brand involved:

  • Stakeholder interviews with staff, board, and industry peers
  • A competitive positioning audit that identified how similar brands were positioned
  • An exploration of potential positioning territories in which CPDC determined its appropriate alignment among its competitors
  • Workshops with CPDC’s senior management team
  • Goal setting throughout the entire organization
  • Brand positioning trainings for board, staff, and property managers to help them understand and embrace the brand position

Following this six-month process, CPDC rolled out the new brand position publicly.   Our new brand position statement is:  Investing in the future of communities to help them grow and thrive.

With a solid financial foundation and a strong (and growing) balance sheet, CPDC is committed to making long-term investments in our communities.  We are not a transaction shop that simply buys and sells real estate.  Instead, we build high-quality homes that are affordable, well-operated, and well-maintained for years to come.  In addition to housing, we are committed to impacting communities across five focus areas:  economic development, education, environment, health and wellness, and resident engagement.  Through these focus areas, CPDC provides the resources needed to help residents and communities grow and thrive.


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