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Phase One of Fay Towers Development Project Near Completion

August 3, 2016


RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Dozens of residents living at the Fay Towers in Jackson Ward are excited that phase one of the development project is near completion; these residents say they have been living in filth and disarray for years.

The project, that’s being financed through a public-private partnership, allows Richmond Redevelopment and Housing to leverage private debt and equity to redevelop two currently standing buildings and to build an entirely new unit in Jackson Ward.ww

Phase one of the project is the Highland Park Senior Apartments, located in the Highland Park community and less than two miles from Fay Towers. The property is a former public high school; the building has been vacant for two years. The renovation will include a substantial interior renovation of the existing 77 unit building, replacing kitchen cabinets and appliances, bathroom vanities and toilets, upgrading electrical, plumbing and HVAC equipment.

Lindell Jackson, a seven-year resident of the Fay Towers, can’t wait to move into her new apartment at the Highland Park Senior apartments.

Read the full story at NBC 12.

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