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Reinvesting in Edgewood Commons

Hope springs to life as the future of Edgewood Commons (formerly Edgewood Terrace) develops over the course of the next five years with CPDC’s renovation plans. Below you can read a bit of history about the Edgewood community, the exciting new changes occurring, and learn about the many ways CPDC is helping Edgewood residents and partners grow and thrive.

Join us in this special journey as we create a mixed income community that is open, vibrant, and engaged!

The Man Behind Our Mission

Learn more about our Founder Eugene Ford and his vision for the Edgewood community which has spanned generations of residents.

Table of Contents

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Media Resources


The Edgewood Campus Today

In this section, you can browse our community buildings at Edgewood Commons, learn more about these vibrant properties and see our plans for the future.

Edgewood Commons I
The Vantage and The Parke


292 Units
Purchased 1994

Learn More

Edgewood Commons II
Edgewood Gardens


42 Units
Purchased 1999

Learn More

Edgewood Commons III
The View (Seniors)


200 Units
Purchased 2001

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Edgewood Commons IV
The Vista


258 Units
Purchased 2001

Learn More

The Concept


  • Remove barriers and connect the campus
  • Create visibly pleasant open space
  • Create places people want to use
  • Provide more play space
  • Improved security and lighting
  • Brighter, contemporary common areas

The Next Five Years


Edgewood Commons IV
Summer to December 2014

Edgewood Commons I
Fall 2014 to Spring 2016

Edgewood Commons III
2017 refinance and renovation

Edgewood Commons IV
2018 refinance and bigger renovation (may include Edgewood II)

Edgewood Commons V
2018 Potential new construction



Our Edgewood Events



Creating a Healthy Mixed Income Community


Very low income
Renew HUD project-based rental assistance contract for 20 years

Low income
Use tax credits to preserve affordability for low income residents for 30 years (up to 60% AMI)

Moderate income
Maintain housing for households who might otherwise be priced out of the neighborhood (up to 80% AMI at both Edgewood Commons I and Edgewood Commons IV)



The ONE Edgewood Network


What is our hypothesis?

IF residents connect to each other and CPDC staff in stronger and mutually supportive relationships THEN there is increased capacity for shared responsibility for quality of life

What is the ONE Edgewood Network?

Intentional spaces, practices, and opportunities for mutual exchange, supportive relationships, and collaborative action

A network of residents that connects neighbors to create:

  • Higher quality of life
  • Greater and deeper sense of community through shared resources and mutual support

Why a network?

It is a more open form designed to facilitate multiple paths to collective value. It draws energy from the contribution of the “best stuff” from multiple parties.

How do we measure progress?

What early indicators of progress are we focusing on?

  • Increased participation and quality of interactions at Network Nights
  • More resident led initiatives
  • Increased number of self-directed action steps from residents to improve the physical and social environment
  • Number of residents/property management staff reporting inclusive attitudes and respect between residents, CPDC, and property management
  • Increased number of events

Current & Future Initiatives


There are a range of activities and events at Edgewood Commons including:

  • Monthly network nights (marketplace & table topics)
  • Community chats
  • Indoor and outdoor hydroponic gardens
  • Mutual support circles
  • Resident led initiatives
  • Flea markets
  • Crochet and knitting workshops
  • Movie nights
  • Holiday events
  • Music in the garden
  • Mural arts project
  • Latino family outreach


Media Resources



Edgewood Commons News

Edgewood Commons: Voices from the Village. A Dream Realized: Matthew Davis

Edgewood Commons: Voices from the Village. In a city known for singles and working professionals, Edgewood Commons (formerly Edgewood Terrace) is a community known for its families. Two decades ago, hundreds of people made the Edgewood campus ‘home’—a place to plant their roots, settle down and raise children, create...

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Living Well! with CPDC

Living Well! with CPDC What better way to build vibrant communities than to grow and thrive together with healthy activities this spring? Join CPDC as we celebrate our Living Well! month with exciting events throughout our communities in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia this May! Living Well! Al Fresco Edgewood...

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5th Annual MBT 5K: Edgewood Commons ‘Teams Up’ for Healthy Competition

5th  Annual MBT 5K: Edgewood Commons ‘Teams Up’ for Healthy Competition CPDC and Edgewood Commons will for the third year sponsor the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) 5K—an annual race that has evolved into a springtime tradition bringing Edgewood residents together in the name of health and wellness. This year,...

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Trusted Space Partners and CPDC Publish Whitepaper on Intentional Networks at Edgewood Commons

Trusted Space Partners and CPDC Publish Whitepaper on Intentional Networks at Edgewood Commons CPDC and Trusted Space Partners are changing the operating culture at Edgewood Commons through greater resident leadership, support, and interdependence!  Interested in learning more about this unique approach?  Read the dynamic new whitepaper, “The Power of Intentional...

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Our Community Building Model: Engaging Residents at Edgewood Terrace

CPDC and Communities Together.  Growing and Thriving (2011 – Present) Tribute #14 – Our Community Building Model: Engaging Residents at Edgewood Terrace For many years, Edgewood Terrace was segregated.  As a campus with four buildings separated by fences and its residents further isolated given issues of race, age, culture and...

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