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Giving Thanks: 3 (Non-Real Estate) Stakeholders Who Make CPDC’s Work Possible 

In real estate development, investors and funders often get all the shine. CPDC recognizes and gives thanks for three other stakeholders, critical to our success!

The holiday season is about gratitude, and our team at CPDC has many things to be thankful for. Here are three stakeholder groups who rarely make real estate headlines yet are invaluable to helping our organization continue to grow and thrive.

1. RESIDENTS20150617-CPDC-Edgewood-Celebration-00017 (1)

Our single largest stakeholder group, the more than 9,000 residents who live in CPDC’s over 25 communities, are integral to our success! Often when we at CPDC talk about individuals and families living within our properties, it’s to describe the wonderful programs and services we offer and make available to residents.

CPDC residents, however, are playing an increasingly important role in determining and managing what exactly those programs and services look like.

Through our network-building model, resident groups are taking ownership, invested and leading the way to build the kind of communities in which they wish to live. Additionally, CPDC residents make up the vast majority of annual volunteers and their reach and impact extends far beyond the borders of their individual communities.
To learn more about our network-building model, go here.

“CPDC residents are playing an increasingly important role in determining and managing what exactly those programs and services look like.”

Arbor View Greening Day | CPDC | May 16, 20152. VOLUNTEERS

Volunteerism is a vital component of our work. Through the process of recruiting, screening, and training volunteers, CPDC is able to successfully match volunteers (and their diverse set of talents and skills) with the unique needs of each of our communities. Volunteerism also affords residents an opportunity to grow and develop their own skills.

Since 2006, CPDC has leveraged more than 120,000 hours in volunteer time and continues to engage over 150 volunteers annually to support initiatives across each of our five impact areas: economic development, education, environment, health and wellness, and resident engagement. Of individual volunteers, more than 90% are CPDC residents—a testament to resident involvement and initiative in communities.

3. SERVICE PROVIDERS & STAFFCPDC-20150617-EWC-Celebration-005

What sets CPDC apart from other affordable housing developers is our commitment to not only creating quality homes—but to ensuring the long-term success and empowerment of residents of our communities. Through partnerships with community organizations and service providers, we are able to offer residents access to the resources, programs and support they want and need most.

Our non-profit and corporate partners do the real, daily work of stocking community food pantries; hosting after-school programs and summer camps for children; offering literacy, job training and financial programs for adults; providing health and wellness services and recreation for seniors and so much more. Likewise, the CPDC Community Impact Strategies (CIS) team are on the front line working with residents and on strategic initiatives to further develop their individual communities.

Thanks to CPDC volunteers, partners, residents and dedicated staff, we are empowered to further our mission of improving lives and strengthening communities. We are grateful!

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