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Edgewood Commons: Voices from the Village.

In a city known for singles and working professionals, Edgewood Commons (formerly Edgewood Terrace) is a community known for its families. Two decades ago, hundreds of people made the Edgewood campus ‘home’—a place to plant their roots, settle down and raise children, create identities and mold their lives.

Today, Edgewood remains a community where families in Washington D.C. can grow and thrive together through life’s challenges and triumphs. Over the next 5 years, the Edgewood campus, a critical and long-standing affordable housing community in Ward 5, will be revitalized and transformed into an open, vibrant, and engaged community. As we approach the June 2015 celebration of this revitalization, we asked long-time Edgewood residents to share short stories of what their community means to them and the role Edgewood has played in their lives.

Here are their stories.

A Lasting Legacy: Glendora Harris

Glendora Harris lived at Edgewood for 12 years before her passing in late 2013. Part of a family that has a long history on the Edgewood campus, with several generations having lived and continuing to live in the community, Harris was a shining example of Edgewood’s foundation of family ties and the strong sense of community that thrives among residents.

While a resident at Edgewood, Harris enjoyed time with her family, most of whom resided in different buildings at Edgewood. Her mother, Haley Harris, is an active and well-known resident in building 635 and nephew, Ja’Ron, is popular among young adults and known for his work with a local non-profit outreach organization.

Harris, like many residents at Edgewood, was very involved in her community and had relationships with many neighbors as if they were members of her own family. Inclined to give back, Glendora is credited for leading efforts to establish an Edgewood community food drive. The community food drive persists today as a part of Resident Services as a means for residents to give and receive food and other needed items.

Also important to Harris was creating a sense of community and togetherness, learning new languages to better communicate with each other and cultivating well-rounded young men.

Glendora Harris’ life and service through the community food drive left a lasting impression with Edgewood residents. After her death in 2013, Edgewood residents and members of her family came together for a meal in Crawford Hall to celebrate her life—much of which was lived in the Edgewood community with residents who grew to know and love her.

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