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Edgewood Commons: Voices from the Village.

In a city known for singles and working professionals, Edgewood Commons (formerly Edgewood Terrace) is a community known for its families. Two decades ago, hundreds of people made the Edgewood campus ‘home’—a place to plant their roots, settle down and raise children, create identities and mold their lives.

Today, Edgewood remains a community where families in Washington D.C. can grow and thrive together through life’s challenges and triumphs. Over the next 5 years, the Edgewood campus, a critical and long-standing affordable housing community in Ward 5, will be revitalized and transformed into an open, vibrant, and engaged community. As we approach the June 2015 celebration of this revitalization, we asked long-time Edgewood residents to share short stories of what their community means to them and the role Edgewood has played in their lives.

Here are their stories.

A Joyful Neighbor: Jacob Bailey

Ask Edgewood residents and they will paint a picture of Jacob Bailey as one of the most kind community members on campus. Born and raised in the island country of Trinidad and Tobago, Bailey spent much of his adult life traveling with the U.S. Air Force to countries like Korea, Japan, Germany and Guam. Today, an Edgewood resident for more than 16 years, Bailey says he believes the neighborhood is safer and more secure than ever.

Known for random acts of kindness and pleasant disposition, Bailey attributes this disposition to his family-oriented upbringing in Trinidad. At Edgewood, he can be found taking neighbors on trips to the local grocery store or checking in on senior residents.

“That’s just how I was raised. Growing up in Trinidad, we would run around and play outside and there were always fresh fruits everywhere. We could just pluck fresh mangos off of the trees. It was much healthier and care free and I believe our community needs a lifestyle more like this” Bailey said.

Through his familiarity with agriculture and fresh produce, he has joined Edgewood’s new Gardening Group, which plans to incorporate his ideas of fresh fruit sample stations for community members, juicing and nutrition workshops.

In addition to enjoying his neighbors and being active in health and nutrition, Bailey enjoys the convenience of the Edgewood campus to the metro station, the nearby Rhode Island Shopping Center and the comfort of living in a place that is familiar and feels “more like home each day.

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