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Edgewood Commons: Voices from the Village.

In a city known for singles and working professionals, Edgewood Commons (formerly Edgewood Terrace) is a community known for its families. Two decades ago, hundreds of people made the Edgewood campus ‘home’—a place to plant their roots, settle down and raise children, create identities and mold their lives.

Today, Edgewood remains a community where families in Washington D.C. can grow and thrive together through life’s challenges and triumphs. Over the next 5 years, the Edgewood campus, a critical and long-standing affordable housing community in Ward 5, will be revitalized and transformed into an open, vibrant, and engaged community. As we approach the June 2015 celebration of this revitalization, we asked long-time Edgewood residents to share short stories of what their community means to them and the role Edgewood has played in their lives.

Here are their stories.

A Dream Realized: Matthew Davis

Before moving into Building 601 at Edgewood Commons, 57-year-old Matthew Davis was homeless and spending nights at DC General Shelter. He was also planning his next move—one that he hoped would pave the way for a better life for his 11-year-old daughter.

In 2013, with the goal to secure a stable job, Davis began attending DC adult public charter school Academy of Hope. Located on the Edgewood Commons campus, Academy of Hope equips adult students with life skills and offers workforce training that leads to meaningful employment.

While attending Academy of Hope, Davis landed a temporary job enabling him to secure a new home for his family at Edgewood—ironically, in the same building as Academy of Hope. As a result of courses at Academy of Hope, Davis began a career in the restaurant and hospitality industry, his first job working as a line cook at Willies Brew and Que for $13 an hour. Six months later and with a promotion to Kitchen Manager, Davis brings home a salary of nearly $40,000 a year and plans to continue making strides to advance his career and provide better opportunities for his daughter.

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