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This summer, CPDC’s Health & Wellness Group spent a day planting a butterfly garden in the new Kaboom! Edgewood Park and enjoying their first garden tour. Workshop participants included seniors, adults, and youth, making this garden workshop a truly intergenerational event.

Enthusiastic about the concept of community gardening, the Edgewood Terrace group’s leaders requested a tour of the Neighborhood Farm Initiative at the Fort Totten Community Garden. The tour included residents ranging in age from five to 72 years old. The participants learned about the growth patterns of peanuts, red okra, and gigantic sunflowers as well as composting and maintaining community gardens.

“The trip opened people’s minds to what is possible with community gardening,” said Jennifer Lumpkin, Resident Services Manager at Edgewood.  “The children were excited at the beautiful colors of the vegetables. You could hear kids squealing out, ‘Look at the color on that eggplant!’ and ‘That yellow squash is so pretty!’ It was a great way to encourage children to make healthy decisions as well as see the impact of community involvement.”

After a quick stop to the MLK Monument on the National Mall for a photo opportunity, the day ended at the neighborhood restaurant Smith Public Trust, a restaurant serving fresh food prepared using organic produce.

Initiatives like the Health & Wellness group go far beyond a one-day activity for CPDC community members. Among the 12 members, eight have successfully grown herbs and plants in their apartments.  Others have contributed to a new four-tier ornamental and tomato tower garden in the front lawn of building 635 in Edgewood Terrace. Likewise, the group agrees they have learned how generations of residents can work together to support healthy eating and lifestyle choices.

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