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CPDC Welcomes Six for 2017 Urban Alliance Partnership

For more than 20 years, Urban Alliance has been on a mission to prepare high school students for the modern world through internships that teach the proper way to handle situations in the workplace and in life and by connecting young adults with mentors who encourage professional development.

This year, as in years past, CPDC is welcoming students to work in several of our communities and headquarters to support our critical work in affordable housing and community development.

Meet the six 2017 Urban Alliance Fellows who are serving across CPDC communities! 

Ogemdi Ukwuani– External Relations, Silver Spring, MD

McKinley Technological High School senior Ogemdi Ukwuani is interning in CPDC’s Silver Spring office with Meghan Thornton and Tia Blount in External Relations. Ogemdi, who plays drums, sings and produces music, says he is driven by the power of music to bring people together. While the arts are an important passion of his, Ogemdi also has dreams of becoming a computer programmer, with a selected major in App Development. Ogemdi believes that to make a difference “you have to make a change – big or small; anything that’s positive can make a difference in the world.” 



Percel Mallory– Fundraising, Silver Spring, MD

Percel Mallory, a student-athlete at Eastern Senior High School, is interning with Marilyn Aklin in the Development Department. He plans to pursue mechanical engineering in college and dreams of owning his own franchise.  Percel likes to be called Perc and his favorite book is Free Radicals by Michael Brooks. In his free time, Perc loves to exercise, read, and complete new task. Percel gets his inspiration from seeing his mom raise a family on her own and says one day he wishes he’ll be able to help out. Perc truly cares for football but plays other sports like basketball, baseball, and track. Percel says in order to make a difference, “you must first change your view on life, and the path to making a difference will find you


Simone Marshall – Edgewood Commons, Northeast, Washington, D.C.

Cardozo Senior High School senior Simone Marshall is interning with Community Impact Strategies (CIS) Manager Jacob Ortiz at CPDC’s Edgewood Commons community. Simone hasn’t decided on a major yet but would like to attend either Bethune-Cookman or Morgan State University to pursue a career in social work. Simone says she is inspired by her mother as she “always finds a way to make a way.” Simone believes that to make a difference in the world, one “must do something outside the box.”


Angel Cash – Meadowbrook Run, Southeast, Washington, D.C.

Angel Cash, a Roosevelt Rough Rider, is interning at CPDC’s Meadowbrook Run community with with CIS Manager Nicole Johnson. After high school, Angel will attend Florida Memorial University to major in business and possibly marketing. For Angel, to make a difference means “all people have to come together, especially youth, because they already look down on us.” Angel considers herself a peacemaker and likes to separate herself from the violence that can exist in communities.

Ayanna Wilson – Arbor View, Southeast, Washington, D.C.

Woodrow Wilson High School senior Ayanna Wilson is interning with Arbor View CIS Manager Cora Clark. Ayanna believes in helping others  to have a successful world. To make a difference in the world, “you have to impact someone else’s life by giving them a helping hand and understanding where people come from.” Her favorite quote is a Japanese proverb: fall seven times, stand up eight. After high school, Ayanna wishes to aid foreign countries or take care of people.



Isaac Atam, Mayfair Mansions, Southeast, Washington, D.C.

Woodrow Wilson High School senior Isaac Atam is interning at Mayfair Mansions with CPDC CIS Manager John Pinkney. A self-proclaimed ‘people person,’ Isaac is interested in computer engineering and programming and hopes to have his own company one day. Isaac spends his free time You-Tubing, participating in scholarship programs, and hanging out at the Boys and Girls Club. He admires his mom because “she’s not a quitter and gives him a better outlook on life” and believes the key to making a difference is to inspire or improve someone else’s life.

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