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Our Backbone: Securing Resources to Increase Affordable Housing Development

CPDC’s Turning Point (2005 – 2010) Tribute #12 – Our Backbone:  Securing Resources to Increase Affordable Housing Development Some of CPDC’s earliest supporters were funders, service providers, and community-based organizations that contributed to critically-needed programs that served residents living in and around its communities.  CPDC also experienced tremendous support from

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Our Sustainability: Surviving the Mortgage Crisis

CPDC’s Turning Point (2005 – 2010) Tribute #11 – Our Sustainability:  Surviving the Mortgage Crisis In 2007, the U.S. economy was struck by a mortgage crisis that swept the country.  Due to economic conditions, many non-profit developers were forced to downsize or fold, causing the stock of affordable housing

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CPDC’s Social Media Mission

CPDC’s Social Media Mission Let’s start a dialogue about affordable housing. At CPDC, we strive to be a resource for our colleagues, partners, residents and staff on the issues related to affordable housing today. To that end, we use our social media networks to share relevant and timely content

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School Readiness Program from HIPPY Empowers Children at Stony Brook Apartments

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we will be focusing our blog and social media posts on a different area of our services to the community. Each month, we will highlight a part of CPDC’s mission and what steps we are taking every day to help communities grow and thrive.

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Our Volunteer Engagement: Strengthening Communities through Service

CPDC’s Turning Point (2005 – 2010) Tribute #10 – Our Volunteer Engagement:  Strengthening Communities through Service Since 1989, CPDC has established itself as an affordable housing developer that seeks to build strong communities.  CPDC believes that while communities may begin as places for people to live; communities have the ability

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