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5 Ideas to Help You Get Into the ‘Best’ Kind of Holiday Spirit

The holiday season is upon us! CPDC offers actions you can take to make the most of the season and spread some cheer along the way.

 1. Think Local


A commitment to supporting local, independently owned businesses shouldn’t start and end on Small Business Saturday. Buying local—whether it’s produce or holiday gifts can reap a range of benefits. Local food is in season, fresh and nutritious and purchasing local goods and services strengthens the economic base of your community, creates local jobs, supports service providers who are on the ground and doing real work in your neighborhood and reduces environmental impact.

The idea of community development by pouring resources into your own village is something each of us is responsible for.

At CPDC, we’re doing our part to develop the communities in which we work and where our residents live.

2. Share a Meal

In 2014, 49 million Americans struggled to put food on the table—but it seems that November and December are the only times each year the issue of food insecurity receives significant attention.

Volunteering in a food pantry or preparing holiday meals to distribute to those on fixed incomes or those who may lack access (e.g. seniors, the disabled, shelter for women, teens or homeless families) is a practical way to

Year around, CPDC operates food pantries across several of our affordable housing communities with the assistance of residents and partners including Capital Area Food Bank. Our pantries offer nutritious options for residents in need and those living in ‘food deserts’ with few fresh, healthy options.

3. Host a Drive—No Matter How Small

holiday-giving“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” ~Oscar Wilde

Just imagine the difference each of us could make with even a small effort to collect high-demand goods like food items, coats, socks, or gifts for community members in need. Holding a drive may seem to be a daunting task that you don’t have time to carry through.

Remember: more than quantity, it’s the quality and act that counts. To provide for just a few families is to have succeeded! Resist the temptation to leave charity to large organizations. Small scale efforts can be just as effective. 

4. Donate Your Time

“Volunteering is not nice. It’s necessary.”  ~Jennifer Fauss, CPDC Director of Volunteer Engagement

 To donate one’s time is perhaps the most generous act of all, as time spent is the only thing one can never get back.

 Non-profit organizations like CPDC rely on volunteers to effectively reach the individuals and families we serve. Whether it be donating time to help build a new playground for low-income children or serving as a mentor to at-risk teenagers contemplating college or a stable career path, the contributions of volunteers are long-lasting. More, volunteering has a two-way impact, positively benefitting you and those served.

5. Do at Least One Random Act of Kindness

Resident Services CS 4Bake cookies for the hard working, yet often overlooked, office staff in your child’s school.

Buy Starbucks for the person standing behind you.

Over-tip a waitress.

Compliment a stranger.

Doing a little extra usually doesn’t cost much and pays amazing dividends for your spirit. You’ll also as inspire others to follow your lead. Kindness is contagious!

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