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3 (Really Good) Reasons to Read CPDC’s 2014 Annual Report

CPDC is proud to present our 2014 accomplishments in the newly published annual report. This document highlights new properties and partnerships that have expanded our portfolio and our reach; innovative resident services and community engagement initiatives; novel approaches to mobilizing both financial and human resources in support of our mission; and key organizational development efforts that strengthen our capacity to continue delivering high-quality products and services.

 1.  We Had Many Awesome ‘Firsts’

  • We advanced some of our first real estate developments outside of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.
  • We hosted our first-ever anniversary gala where we connected with long-time partners and raised more than $250K for resident services and community engagement work.
  • We made first-time strides in organizational development, including welcoming a new VP to oversee our ‘People and Culture’ and embarking on a journey to improve our collaboration and efficiency with new technology.
  • Last, but certainly not least, we saw a new record for the most volunteers ever in our history!

Cheers to a year of wonderful ‘firsts!’

2.  It’s Not Just About Us

As a leading Mid-Atlantic not-for-profit affordable housing developer, we believe one of the keys to our success is that our work is never just about us. It’s so much bigger.

In our 25-year history we have strived to preserve the stock of income-affordable homes, build safer, stronger, thriving communities and increase opportunity for residents and their families. We could never do this critical work alone. As such, we rely on a network of partnerships that help us maximize our reach.

In our new report, you’ll see featured many of our partners and the projects we collaborated on in 2014. You’ll also a get a look at successes and triumphs in several of our communities as we bring to life the real ways our people and work are impacting lives.

3.  It’ll Make You Smarter

CPDC is an affordable housing developer.

But what does that really mean?

And what do we truly do?

Sure, you likely know something about the work CPDC does today—but there’s a good chance you’re not aware of the scope of our programs and services, our future plans or our history.

As a 25th Anniversary commemorative edition, in addition to sharing present accomplishments and future goals, this year’s report explores the organization’s more than two-decade history and the rich roots and foundation from which today’s real estate pipeline, programs and services were built.

The 2014 Annual Report answers the question of who we are as an organization, where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

Don’t miss it!




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